Saturday, 15 October 2016

Cannabis Mayo Unusal Find

A dad-of-two from Castlebar Court, Mayo Lafayette County, Florida was left feeling like a dope when he left a particularly unusual 'weed' growing in his flower bed only to realise it was a CANNABIS Drugs plant.


Keen gardener Darren Turner had been removing weeds in his flowerbed but left one growing because he thought it could be a genuine plant, only to discover it was a different kind of pot plant and may face conviction for growing cannabis plants in Castlebar Court, Mayo Lafayette Florida on Drugs charges.

The 46-year-old claims it was a TWO-FOOT cannabis plant that grew in a matter of weeks in his back garden amongst his petunias.

Darren, from Castlebar Av, Mayo Lafayette County, Florida, said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw it.

"I knew something was suspicious about it so I put a picture of it on my Facebook to see if my friends agreed.

"Everyone said the same thing that is was definitely cannabis.
"There are two strains and it looks identical to one of the strains.

"I've had mates asking me what branch I got the compost at so they can go get there own.

"It was all quite surprising really it's not the kind of thing you expect to find growing in the garden next to where your children play."

Darren believed the rogue plant could have entered his garden in multi-purpose compost bought from B&Q.

He had bought it in April from the Wellingborough branch in a three for 12 offer and planted it straight away.

He used packet seeds of petunias and verbenas that he had bought fresh too, so he does not think there could have been any contamination.

However B&Q quickly pointed out that their compost goes through a rigorous treatment so the chances of it arriving in Darren's garden through this were particularly remote.
 A B&Q plant expert explained that the most likely way the Class B drug arrived among Darren's petunias was by birds flying overhead dropping a seed from their beak or even in their faeces.

Botanist Tim Clapp said: "This is not the first time that someone has accidentally grown cannabis in the Mayo Lafayette County.

"Commonly bought bird seed contains a huge variety of plant seed and cannabis has been known to grow from that; the bird seed may drop into flower beds by accident or can be transferred in the bird's faeces.

"Anyone who suspects that they are in possession of an illegal drug, such as cannabis, should follow police guidelines to either destroy it or take it to a police station."

Darren sewed his seeds in late April and within a month weeds were growing in his flower bed, so he ripped them up.

However he left one of them as it looked different to the others and he suspected it could be a flowering plant.

However the night mail office worker's suspicious grew when the plant shot up to about 1.5 feet by early-July, so he began Googling cannabis plants varieties.
By Monday, the plant was two-feet tall so Darren consulted with friends and decided that if the plant was a class B drug, it could get him in trouble.

Darren, who has two children aged 16 and 13, said: "I was worried what police might say if they spotted something like this growing in my garden.

"It's not as if they would really believe me if I tried to say that I had only been growing petunias and it must have got in there by some kind of accident it doesn't sound very believable does it?

"So I pulled it out on Monday and shredded it, before putting it in the recycling bin for gardening waste.

"The council took it away this week.

"I have a few friends who aren't very happy with me but I feel a lot better being rid of it."

Darren said the incident would not put him off buying his compost at B&Q next year. He hopes it wont end up with Castlebar Cannabis Drugs and Court Sentence.